Neurosciences Neurosciences et biotechnologies (NEB)

This course is devoted to computational neurosciences, and will allow each of the student to understand HH model, integrate and fire and FHN... By using (TVB), it is a nice way to discover how to study lot of neural mass and simulate a virtual brain. By using your knowledge and some tutorials already in the TVB package, you will be able to dive deeper into the mathematics of dynamics but also easily able to simulate a brain. Students have to go through four chapter and then choose optional computer exercises given below. The support for this course is at this address:, online book "From single neurons to networks and models of cognition" authors: Wulfram Gerstner, Werner M. Kistler, Richard Naud and Liam Paninski. The first four chapters are mandatory and one optional theme will have to be chosen by students, on which they will report 5 to 10 page including figures (maximum).

If needed, basic knowledge about neuroscience can be found at neuroscience, fifth Edition Companion Website.