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Cours d'espagnol [2021-2022. Semestre 1] adressé aux étudiants de M1 MCI de la Faculté d'économie et de gestion de Marseille-Colbert.
This semester concentrates on general business English in context with a focus on the managerial function.
15 hours
MCC = (CC+ CT)/3
CC = Oral presentation 60% (4-5 mins) + Classwork 40%
CT 90 min exam - Written comprehension and expression

Applied English module to consolidate grammar, speaking and listening skills,
written expression and comprehension to develop and reinforceunderstanding and
ability in order to express ideas on course content.

Some focus on business and financial language.

Key terms : Money Finance
Business surviving the economic challenge
Describing Trends, Saving, Borrowing, Budgeting,
Income, Financial Performance.
Miss Dudley's English class, Wednesdays 8am to 10am (or 8am to 9.30am)