Etudes culturelles

Ce séminaire de M1 en histoire culturelle, domaine Etats-Unis, propose aux étudiants de réfléchir à un objet de recherche en expansion des deux côtés de l’Atlantique. Ils s’interrogeront en particulier sur l’historiographie du croisement disciplinaire entre études afro-américaines et histoire du livre, sur les conditions et obstacles à la publication d’écrivains soumis à la discrimination raciale, et la dynamique de l’interaction raciale spécifique à ce domaine de la culture états-unienne. 

This course is level 1 of a two-year programme. This is the first and only teaching seminar in Biography Studies in France. It is backed by the Biography Society <> at the Maison de la Recherche, with its monthly seminar and yearly international conferences. The object of research is biography in literature and cinema (film or series), distinct from autobiography and memoirs. We shall begin by some theoretical reflections on the philosophy of the subject, on the notion of historical facts, and on the issue of fiction and non-fiction in literary theory. However, these will not be given in the form of a lecture. Students will be asked to study a selection of short excerpts from biographies, biopics, and critical essays. Master’s theses in Biography Studies can be either theoretical­—studying biographies or biopics — or practical — writing  a biography or making a biopic. Students can either propose topics for a thesis, or ask for topics to be proposed to them by writing to Pr. J. A. Moulin, <>.


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