The objective of this course is to help students understand how to create value and find new market application for technologies, products and services in the marketplace, as well as, become familiar with the importance of incremental and radical innovation in modern organizations.

On completion of this course, students are expected to be able to:
• Describe how diverse business tools and techniques can be used to innovate and grow in a complex and ever changing environment.
• Increase value for customers and the company while also lowering costs.
• Explain how to integrate customers’ and stakeholders’ inputs into the development and selection of ideas in order to bring them to the market.
• Demonstrate how to find unexplored opportunities and present a value proposition that brings benefit to the market.
• Illustrate how to build unique experiences for the customer in blue oceans and highly saturated markets.
• Explain how to use business models to support the launch of products, technologies and services and achieve sustainable performance.
• Integrate a wide range of activities to implement Value Creation Radar and develop the Value Creation Framework.

1 - Start-up and the knowledge economy: from idea to value
2 – Timeline and cash management: objectives and deliverables
3 – Venture capital: Economics and criteria
4 – Exec summary, BP content and FTO
5 – Business model and sales objectives
6 – Strategic OPEX and CAPEX
7 – Cashflow planning