« Photosynthetic organisms »

Ben Field, Christophe Laloi & Benoit Menand


Living organisms show a remarkable flexibility that allows them to thrive under changing external conditions and to survive when confronted by hostile situations (stress). The ability to constantly sense and adapt to environmental changes is important for all organisms, particularly in the context of global climate change. However, this ability is especially important for plants and microorganisms whose sessile lifestyles leave them more exposed to the environment than most animals. In this atelier we will study diverse molecular mechanisms that underlie the perception and response to environmental stress in microbes and plants. You will discover how some mechanisms are broadly conserved, even between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, and how other mechanisms have evolved more recently to overcome the specific challenges faced by their host organisms.

The atelier will be dynamic and interactive, and students will be able to select their preferred articles for presentation from a collection of recent research articles.