The purpose of the series of tutorials is to remind you the common background knowledge that is required in all the lectures you will attend to during the next semesters. Our past experience has shown that such reminder is definitely necessary, due to the variety of your academic backgrounds.

The work program includes basic mathematical tools (complex number, derivatives, integrals, vector algebra, Fourier transforms), as well as geometrical and physical optics. At the end of this tutoring series, you are expected to be able
- to perform basic and advanced mathematical derivations,
- to understand the purpose of Fourier analysis, i.e. the effect of some transformation in one domain (shift, derivative, etc.) to the reciprocal domain,
- to draw optical rays for an optical system, and to identify conjugated planes,
- to identify and write formally the conditions for interferences, and predict the role of relevant experimental parameters,
- to know how to identify a given state of polarization, and how to modify it.