Biologie intégrative et physiologie Approche intégrative des fonctions du vivant : du gène à la pathologie

The aim of this course is to provide a methodological basis required to write a transdisciplinary research project.

Students are free to choose their subject on topics related to their M1 or M2 training or to new concepts or techniques in biology…. A few lectures will be given during the whole semester, first to present the methodological aspects and according to their needs and requests to clarify concepts and techniques they could be unfamiliar with.

Most of the time they will work autonomously (individually) and will be requested regularly to present the progress of they work in tutorial classes (the theme chosen, the issues still needed to be resolved and the methodological approaches that could help resolve these issues…). 

The final mark will encompass appreciations of oral presentations during tutorials and the scores obtained for the final manuscript and related oral presentation.